Prague & 5 spots not to be missed this summer!

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19 Jun Prague & 5 spots not to be missed this summer!

Hello to all travelers planning to visit Prague this summer! Summer season can be really busy, so where can you escape from that heat to get yourself a glass of well chilled beer? Where to spend a long afternoon just hanging out with your friends? Check out these spots and you won’t go wrong :-)


Great beer, tasty coffee and homemade snacks just few steps off the Charles Bridge? Yes please!

Just few months ago opened an amazing new café only few steps from the Charles Bridge. Why are we so stoked about it? It has LOCAL prices! We wouldn’t believe that such a thing is in a range of 100 meters from the Charles Bridge possible. But there it is!!!

Roesel Beer&Cake café/bar/whatever you wanna call it; is a nice getaway from super-crowded streets around. Because it’s situated inside the block it’s more likely to stay really cool even in the highest peek of the summer. They serve sandwiches, spreads, cakes and daily soup – which makes it an ideal place to stop at for a light lunch. Just give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Address: Mostecká 20, Prague 1

Needing a long breakfast, maybe with a bit of work on your laptop? Check Atrium Café!

Brand new business located just few steps from the Old Town Square provides a great help for anyone who’s looking for a good breakfast as well as cozy working spot. Considering the location, it’s unbelievably spacious and bright. P.S.: love their creativeness for various events they host. You should check out their Fb page to know more!

Address: Jakubská 12, Prague 1


Letná Beer GardenLetná Beer Garden

Well, this one is not an “off the beaten path” type of recommendation, but locals just love that spot. Every day this famous beer garden is PACKED with hundreds of people, sitting in a shade under the trees overlooking the entire Prague’s city center. If you like taking amazing panoramic photos you have to check out Letná Park anyways…so once you’re there, make sure to visit the beer garden at the end of the park.

Don’t like beer? So what about a relaxed afternoon on a vineyard?

Not all of us are huge beer fans. If you happen to like wine more than beer, you’ll appreciate an alternative to all the beer gardens across the city. Cause would you believe there is a vineyard right at the edge of historical part of Prague, where you can sip delicious wine all day long without any crowds? If that sounds to you like a good idea, make sure to check out Viniční Altán in Grébovka park.

How to get there: at the city center jump on a tram no. 22 and get off on Jana Masaryka tram stop. Turn right into street Máchova and take first one on left called Rybalkova. That will lead you all the way down to the entrance into Grébovka park.

Grébovka vineyard

The best Gelato in Prague…

We wanted to make some sweet ending to this article, that’s why we recommend the best Gelato spot in Prague. This local gelato shop is called Crème de la crème and you can find on in Husova street. When visiting in hot summer day get ready for few minutes of waiting…but it’s worth it!!! We’re pretty sure you’ll visit multiple times :-)

Address: Husova 12, Prague 1

Allright! So we hope these tips will brighten up your time in Prague! If you have any questions, leave it down in a comments bellow. Also, if you visit one of them, let us know how you liked it! :-)



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