Valentine’s day in Prague – 11 spots to check out

Valentines Day Prague

13 Feb Valentine’s day in Prague – 11 spots to check out

Valentine’s day in Prague

11 tips to make the best Valentine


Valentine’s day is a holiday, which is still not widely celebrated by the entire population. There are many locals, who see it as “too commercial” or “too western”. But here’s the positive side – at least not all romantic restaurants will be booked out if you’re planning your Valentine’s on a very last minute :-)


In this short article we’ll try to take our best-proven recommendations (tested on humans) and share them with you so you can enjoy a lovely Valentine’s with your partner.



I know I know, many hotels have lovely and great breakfasts, but why don’t you try to start your Valentine’s in some cool restaurant, which serves breakfast? Our honest recommendation would be to visit a French restaurant called La Gare. As a typical French restaurant, they serve “light” breakfasts (like croissant and coffee) but also delicious breakfast menus. This picture shows you how awesome it can be (btw. – this breakfast is called Tradition. It was so big we couldn’t fit that on one table – so the pancakes are not in the photo). Btw. – it costs only 12 EUR….what a deal!

During the day…

I guess you want to spend your day mostly by hanging out and admiring the beauty of the city, and if possible, avoiding the worst crowds and enjoy one another. Right? So where to go?

Letná Park – this park is only 10-minute walk from the Old Town Square on the other side of the river. Locals love it because it’s one of the few large green areas in the city center and because the park is on a hill it gives you amazing panoramic view around the Old Town.


Petřín Hill & Petřín Tower – Did you know that local often call Petřín hill a “Lover’s hill”? Well, according to a tradition locals go to Petřín hill on the 1st of May and kiss their loved ones under a blooming cherry tree. Since Valentine’s Day is in February, you won’t find here any blooming trees, but you can still enjoy a relaxed walk to Petřín Tower from which you can see the entire city like on your hand. Trust us, you’ll love it.


Vyšehrad Castle – The first seat of Czech kings was not the Prague Castle, but Vyšehrad Castle. Located on the edge of Prague’s city center, it’s a quiet area where you can spend hours by walking on its thick walls and admire breathtaking views of Vltava River. You can learn more about Vyšehrad in our video here.

Is your loved one a real bookworm? If so you should take your chance and take him/her to one of the most beautiful libraries in a world – to Klementinum library. Klementinum was originally built as a Jesuit college, but nowadays it’s used as a seat of our National Library. To see the historical library, take a guided tour through the building. Tours start every 30 minutes.

What to do in the evening

Find a classic music concert – Prague is a city of music. There are not many other European capitals, where you’d find more concerts of classic music than in Prague. There is a reason why Czechs have a saying “Co Čech, to muzikant”, which means “Every Czech is a musician”. You can get tickets for a great concert from 15 EUR.


Dinner tips

There are plenty restaurant you can visit, based on preferred cuisine. We honestly don’t think Czech cuisine is ideal for a romantic dinner (unless you find dumplings, cabbage and lots of bear somehow romantic). That’s why we would recommend trying some nice Italian or French restaurant.


Reasonable options

If you don’t belong to people who just don’t care what’s going to be the number on your bill after a Valentine’s dinner, we recommend to check out these two places.

KOGO restaurant – affordable luxury

Honestly, when you’re walking around that restaurant you might think this must be a fine-dining place. What a surprise when you come inside and realize that prices are very good, considering that they make their own pasta and use great fresh ingredients.

Al Forno – for real pizza lovers

It might seem awkward to talk about pizza as a “romantic dish”, but what about the best pizza you’ve ever had? My own experience is that the best pizza I had in my life was always a pizza I ate here (and yes, I’ve been to Italy couple of times and their pizza was not even close to what they serve here). Give it a try; you might realize that the best pizza comes from the Czech Republic :-)


When money is not a problem

Let say you don’t care how much you spend this evening – it’s your Valentine’s in Prague and you want to enjoy it as much as you can. That’s why you should consider these restaurants.


OBLACA – dinner in the “Clouds”

The translation of restaurants name is “Clouds”, which partly reflects your experience. It’s located in Žižkov TV tower, which is the highest tower in Prague’s city center. So in fact, you can be sitting 66 meters above the ground, having panoramic view all over the city, enjoying lovely Mediterranean cuisine and sipping some of their signature drinks. How cool is that?


Kampa Park – the real fine-dining

If you go to any 5-star hotel in Prague and ask them to recommend you some nice place for dinner, most concierges will send you to Kampa Park. The location is absolutely exclusive – you’re dining just few steps from the Charles Bridge with a lovely view of the bridge. You can expect a Mediterranean cuisine and great selection of wines.


Ginger and Fred restaurant

What about a restaurant with breathtaking view over Vltava River, looking towards Prague Castle? This restaurant is located at the top of Prague’s famous Dancing House, sometimes called “Ginger and Gred” (referring to Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers). The Dancing House is unique by itself and having a dinner in its restaurant with great view over the river can be one of your unforgettable memories.


I hope you’ll enjoy a great Valentine’s day. If you visit one of these spots, let us know how you liked it, or just tag us on your instagram photo :-) btw. – most of the restaurants and places with official website are linked – so just click on their name to open up their page.


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