February in Prague – What to do & visit

Prague in winter

03 Feb February in Prague – What to do & visit

February in Prague – What to do during cold days

Every part of the season has some pros and cons. February is usually quite cold month, which means that you have to take a warm-up break every once in a while. On the other hand, that’s a great chance to explore some of the best Prague’s cafés and museums.
So what would we recommend?

Let’s start with breakfast in La Gare

La Gare is a lovely French restaurant located on the edge of Náměstí Republiky (the Republic Square). Every day from 8am-11am they serve typical French breakfasts and I have to say – they are really mouth-watering. For around 12 EUR you can get a full breakfast, including juice, coffee, sweet pancake and delicious bread with smoked salmon. Just give it a try; you’ll love it :-)
Website: http://www.brasserielagare.cz/en

Schwarzenberg Palace – the best Baroque style exhibition

The Schwarzenberg palace is only few steps from the Prague Castle and you’ll most likely notice that palace right ahead since it has such amazing renaissance exterior. When you come closer you realize that this palace is has inside one of the largest exhibitions about baroque style in the Czech Republic. On five floors you can marvel amazing paintings, sculptures, armour and weapons even things of a daily use. Expect to spend inside one hour (for normal visitors) or two hours (for history buffs and art lovers).

Website: http://www.ngprague.cz/en/objekt-detail/schwarzenberg-palace/

Original Coffee for all real coffee lovers

About 5 minutes from the Old Town Square is located one of the best cafés in the Old Town. The first time visitor would maybe say it looks like one of these “hipster cafés”, since it’s very simply furnished and has cool paintings on its walls (which change every year). This is a place for real coffee lovers, since their coffee belongs to one of the best in the Old Town.

Our tip: try their Irish coffee. It’s delicious…
Website: http://originalcoffee.cz/en/

Chocolate obsession in Choco-café

For those of you who love chocolate like nothing else there’s one place you’ll think is like heaven on Earth. Choco-café is a small family business (we talked about in our latest video), which focuses on chocolate only. Even though they make their own chocolate bars (which are really good) they are more known for their hot chocolates. They serve hot chocolate with almost everything you can imagine (salt, chilli, nuts, coconut…my favourite one is hot chocolate with cherries – cherries at the bottom of your cup, topped with hot chocolate & finished with whipped cream and a piece of wafer).
Website is in Czech only…so you’ll find it in Liliová 4/250, Prague 1 or Betlémské náměstí 8/1004, Prague 1.

The City of Prague Museum – discovering Prague throughout centuries

Want to learn more about Prague and see some amazing medieval artefacts? Well, than you shouldn’t miss the City of Prague Museum, which covers the history of Prague from ancient times till nowadays. One of the most interesting parts of its exhibition is so called Langweil model of Prague (created between years 1826-1837). It’s a simple way how to step back in time and see Prague exactly how it looked like in the beginning of 19th century.
Website: http://en.muzeumprahy.cz/

If you visit one of these spots, just let us know how you liked it :-)



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