Prague Hacks – 3 tips to avoid lines and max your time

Prague Hacks

22 Aug Prague Hacks – 3 tips to avoid lines and max your time

Waiting in lines sucks…like, really sucks…especially in a main season. You came to Prague with few days only, so you can get the max of it? Well, let us give you few useful tips :-)


tower cash desk

Ticket office under the tower

Old Town Hall Tower

Tower of the Old Town Hall is without doubt one of the main attractions at the Old Town Square. But if you come in the middle of the afternoon, you can end up waiting in long line to get in. So, let us tell you a little secret. Most of the people are buying the ticket in the ticket office under the tower, since they see a huge sign saying THE TOWER. But guess what – this is a ticket office only! When you buy a ticket, they’ll tell you to walk INSIDE the Old Town Hall, take a lift, go to the top floor, and THEN you can enter the tower. What they won’t tell you is that you can buy ticket inside the Old Town Hall as well as in the top floor. With almost no lines. But is there any better way? Well, you can buy tickets online and skip all the lines :)

old town hall

Skip the line by going directly into the Town Hall

Prague Castle Security Restrictions

Well, we have to admit, locals are pretty angered by that. Prague Castle has always been a place people could freely enter and sometimes they used it as a shortcut. Two weeks ago president’s office made a decision to put security checks on all gates of the Prague Castle. Official reason – our safety (which is a good joke). So if you want to avoid waiting, here are few good tips.

  • Come in early morning around 9am or around 3pm
  • Don’t use two most popular gates of Prague Castle – the one from Hradčanské náměstí and the one nearby the tram stop Pražský Hrad. Instead, enter the Castle through Royal Gardens or through the gate in Black Tower. The lines here are usually the shortest. app


How not to get lost

Prague has many back roads, passages and zigzagging streets which make it easy to get lost. However, there is one trick, which can save you a bit of time. We talked about this tip in one of our previous videos (LINK HERE). We suggest everyone to download a free app called MAPS.ME . From our point of view, it’s the best offline app available with very detailed descriptions and very reliable navigation (btw.- this is not a sponsored recommendation, we just love this app). Before you leave your hotel (or before you come to Prague) you just download an offline map and when in Prague, you only turn your GPS on. By this hack, it doesn’t consume ANY data. So if you feel like getting lost, you can pop up your phone and within few seconds you know exactly where you are :)


So I hope you find this article helpful. Let us know what you think! If you have any questions, leave it in comments bellow or just email us!



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